Reservation Request

To request a reservation please fill this application and mail with your deposit.

Name: _______________________________ Number of people in your party: ____________

Your phone number where you can be reached: ________________  Cell Phone ______________  

E-Mail Address: ______________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

City: _____________ State: ___________ Zip: __________

Primary date requested: From

Saturday ________________2:00 PM to Saturday _______________10:00 AM.

Second choice is: From Saturday ______________2:00 PM to Saturday __________10:00 AM. To secure reservation, a check or money order for the amount of $200.00 is required with this application. The balance of the rental Payment must be received two months prior to occupancy or otherwise as specified. Upon receiving your application and deposit, a rental lease will be mailed to you for your signature. We also require a $200.00 security deposit , which must be received with your final payment and before you check-in. This will be held until check-out, at which time your unit will be inspected and your deposit returned (mailed) within two weeks if everything is satisfactory. Items that could be deducted are: costs of repairs to or replacement of property resulting from tenant neglect or abuse, or additional cleaning that is required if unit is left in poor condition. Cancellation or Transfer Policy: if it is necessary to cancel your reservation after your lease has been prepared, the cancellation fee is $200.00 per week cancelled, PROVIDING THE UNIT IS RE-RENTED AT THE SAME RATE WITH NO LOSS TO OWNER. THERE WILL BE NO REFUND IF THE UNIT IS NOT RE-RENTED AND THE TENANT WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE NET BALANCE DUE. If the unit is re-rented, your deposit will be returned to you less the cancellation fee at the close of the leased week. All checks are payable to Alfred Marzouk and mailed to 104 West Sutton Place, Wilmington, DE 19810.

Please provide the following information if available, the names will be required by the condo association and the fire department.


       1   ___________________     ___________           _______________________

       2   ___________________     ___________           _______________________

       3   ___________________     ___________           _______________________

       4   ___________________     ___________           _______________________

       5   ___________________     ___________           _______________________

       6   ___________________     ___________           _______________________







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